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A Bridge For Christmas


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There is undeniably something magical about dogs. They feel joy in every moment, and see wonder in the world around them. They ask us to join them in the fun of living, and trust us not to harm them. If nourished and encouraged to be the wonderfully imaginative, talented, and complex beings they are, theirs is an ironically simple, straightforward path through life. And if we are lucky enough to recognize in one or more of them a deep and true friendship, we are privileged to share a spiritual bond as great as any we may ever hope to have on this planet.

About the Dogs

Learning to lead: master and apprentice at work. The drive to command gets you halfway there – the rest is knowing how to do it. A solid role model is invaluable, and if it’s a border collie, chances for success are good. After a few months of constant wrestling and tumbling with his adopted fellow pound puppy sister Molly, Oliver turned his sights on shadowing pack leader Charley for the last four months. Now not quite a year old, the youngster with an instinctive ambition to assume command of the four-dog, two-human family devotes nearly all his attention to anything and everything aging (and ailing) Charley has to say. From rules of play and mutual engagement among the furries to endless routines in the house and out in the surrounding woods and fields, Oliver is preparing himself to be the one in charge.