Comments/Reviews from Readers of

Blackie – An Odyssey of Furry Hearts


From Betty Hafley, Black Mountain, NC (1-17-15):


“I really loved your book. Chapter 10 was delightful....I loved being inside Blackie's mind. It reminded me of a novel I have where the whole story is told by the dog.”




From John Hargett, (Marshville, NC – 1/13/15):


“…regarding the publication of Blackie - An Odyssey of Furry Hearts. I purchased the Kindle edition ... I just finished reading it this evening and have just posted a brief review on Amazon. Your books are very moving and I hope that you will continue your literary efforts. As I stated in my review, if you continue writing them, I will continue to purchase and read them.


[The review by John Hargett reads]: “A well written story of the impact that two souls have on each other. All dog lovers should read this book as it will touch many hearts. I received the nicest letter from Skip Schwenn, the author, alerting me that the book had been published. I purchased the Kindle edition the day that I received the letter. Although we have never met, Skip and I share a common bond with our love for our canine "children" and our lack of patience for those who abuse and neglect these wonderful creatures. Skip, you have provided us with two wonderful and insightful memoirs of your life with dogs. Please continue writing more and I will continue purchasing and reading them.”


From John Hargett, (Morganton, West VA – 4/21/14):


* * * *


[The review by Mike Sturm reads]: “Compassion for and understanding of dogs - and likely a many other animal species - doesn't come close to the thoughtfulness that Skip has for man's best friend. I not only enjoyed the intense animal interaction but was appreciative of the description of other difficult and even ordinary aspects of the human condition. Skip has an insight which could help us avoid wars.”