Comments/Reviews from Readers of

Dogs of Meadowbrook


From John Quy, (dog trainer, Lansing, NC - 2/9/10):


“I must say I really enjoyed your fine book.  I generally read whilst pedaling and it extended a few of my pedal workouts as I felt compelled to finish each story.  The teary eyed sections were very honest and very tough to take for someone who also lives with a pack and has been down that road. The tough parts are good, cleansing in a way and show your humble nature since you do not hide your mistakes nor your frailty.  None of us feel strong when we lose a friend.


* * * *


From Sam Shumate (dog owner and author, Warrensville, NC – 12/19/09):


“What a wonderful book.  You have a way with words as you have a way with dogs.  I actually got to know your dogs personally, laughed at their antics and weeped with their passing.  Of course it was your way with words that accomplished this feat.  Thank you for sharing them with me.”


* * * *


From Chris Holmberg (Falls Church, VA – 8/3/09):


Heart Warming and Touching Story


“Dogs of Meadowbrook is more than just a "feel good" story about a couple's pet dogs.  It’s basically a journal about a North Carolina couple and the dogs that became and remain a huge part of their lives. Over the course of many years strong bonds of love and mutual respect developed among the dogs and their human companions.  The author has a talent for making the reader feel like a participant in the actual events.  The reader will laugh at the many humorous adventures and enjoy the many "tails" of warmth, intrigue, and even danger. Above all the reader will be touched emotionally in a pure and uplifting way.  This is not just a book for dog lovers, or pet owners in general. It is a book for anyone who can appreciate how important, beneficial, and even spiritual human and animal relationships can be.  The love and devotion the author and his wife display for each other and for their furry buddies comes shining through.  I highly recommend this book.”


* * * *


From “PBD” (10/31/09):


I am deep into Dogs of Meadowbrook and am so engrossed. I have had a hard time putting it down.


“I laughed and cried with the author and his wife, experienced with them the wonderful story they had to tell of enduring love and devotion to each other and their furry friends. It is a must read for all animal lovers.”


* * * *


From Cassie Mae (1/29/09):


“You really get a feel what a wonderful life man and dogs really do share. These dogs opened up their owners eyes and have forever left an imprint in their lives. Reading this book will leave a huge imprint on your heart.”


* * * *


From Jackie Johns (1/8/09):


“This is one of the best written and most touching books that I have ever read. If you love dogs or think you might want to try to understand them, then this is the book for you. This gives the reader an insight to the mind and personality of dogs that we lay people might not pick up on. A great book for the whole family.”


* * * *


From James Colasanti, Jr. (dog enthusiast, Barnes & Noble book store lead clerk, and author, Greensboro, NC – 2/3/09):


“There is no greater source of unconditional love than a life lived with dogs. An abundance of that love is exemplified in the DOGS OF MEADOWBROOK.  More than a memoir of love and hope, it encompasses a great philosophical awareness of man's co-existence with dogs.  Teachings about life given to William and Mary from the dogs provides them with a joy that enriches them all…from their very first dog, who imparts to them the true meaning of living—being that everything they needed to know they learned from their dog.  As each new dog arrives, they are taught basic household routines and pack regimen by the older dogs.  The author and his wife share a life as a working couple with these dogs and together they capture the spirit of their home place.  The most memorable chapter, Travelin' On, has a tribute to their dog Windi which is a profound inspirational essay on sharing love over her lifetime.  A compelling story for all readers about everyday life eloquently told about a family and their dogs inseparably interwoven into the fabric of that land at Meadowbrook.”


* * * *


From Bill Smith (Greensboro, NC – 1/4/09):


“This book is unique.  It bridges the gap between "my dog as pet" and "my dog as partner".  People say that their pets are "like family", but the difference is that the dogs of Meadowbrook ARE family. Readers of Dogs of Meadowbrook will start looking closer at their furry friends and seeing them as much, much more than objects of ownership and entertainment.  This book opens pet owners' eyes to what they have been living with, and hopefully will cause them to make life a little more inclusive for all of our furry friends.


For the first time, the full character of dogs, and their immeasurable value to daily human life, is comfortably revealed in a story richly told in everyday emotions and events.  For its messages of life's joy and mysteries, this book will be read again and again.


After wading through too many so-called "dog stories", Dogs of Meadowbrook is, finally, the real deal - and well worth the wait.”


* * * *


From Evelyn Wright (Black Mountain, NC – 7/6/11):


“I thoroughly enjoyed “Dogs of Meadowbrook.”  Your “play on words” made it such a great, human interest account of a true story of the love between man and animals.  For me, it brought back such great memories of our great Pyrenees, and later, a golden lab-Pyrenees mix.  Thanks so very much.”


* * * *


From John Hargett, (Marshville, NC – 9/2/11):


“I purchased and read your book Dogs of Meadowbrook, this week via Kindle.  I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for sharing the stories of your ‘family’ and for allowing your soul to be exposed for all of us to be able to share your joys and pains.  Your ‘chidlren’ have been as important to you as mine have been to me.  I hope that you will continue the saga and keep us informed about Fretzel, Charley, Skye, et al.  Thanks again for a completely inspiring read and for allowing me to see glimpses of myself throughout the book.”


* * * *